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Please, stop smoking !

lundi 14 mai 2012, par BERTIN Laurence

Nobody needs nicotine. It’s not food nor drink. But it is a poison.

The sooner you learn that there are no reasons for smoking, the quicker you will be free.

The mechanism of smoking is based on the relief of withdrawal symptom. The nicotine doesn’t « help » smokers, it just fills in the void that it has created.

The main (and only) result of smoking is mental dependence (or addiction to nicotine !)

Cigarettes have never been pleasant (especially to non-smokers !)

Remember the vile taste of your first puff. Remember the coughing which followed. Now, how dare you tell me (without lying to yourselves) that smoking does you some good....?

Teenagers want to be beautiful and rebellious. They believe that smoking is a way to rebel against the government, then they smoke together. But it’s wrong because the money goes directly into the Pocket of the Government. So, they become slaves.

Should we pay to poison ourselves with a slow and painful death ?!

PS : Watch the movie called « Thank you for smoking » by Jason Reitman (2006)

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