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Litblog : Jesus et Tito

samedi 26 novembre 2011, par RENZEL Paula

Jesus et Tito by Velibor Colic

This story is about a young Yugoslavian boy named Velibor. It’s an autobiographical text about how he grew up and how he becomes a man. The style is marked by very fine humour, nearly cynicism used by the author in such a way that, if you don’t pay attention, you do not suspect how critical he is about the World. As the title suggests, during his childhood, Velibor doesn’t know if he should prefer Jesus and Catholicism represented by his mother or Marechal Tito, the Yugoslavian president and hero of Communism admired by his father. The problem is that he loves the two of them. It’s really interesting because Velibor Colic is criticising both sides in a funny and light way. What is particularly moving is the evolution of the style : at the beginning, you get the impression that a young boy is writing the story. But gradually, it is changing while he’s growing up. The book is great because you never get bored, it is very entertaining and even in the saddest moments, the author knows how to captivate the reader. But the most impressing thing is that the text has been directly written in French and even if he is a foreigner, Velibor Colic’s writing style is fantastic.


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