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Litblog : Slash

lundi 21 novembre 2011, par VERNEUIL Florian

Slash :

Saul Hudson was born on July 23, 1965 and is known as Slash.
He is a British-American musician and songwriter. He’s an amazing guitarist, he’s known to have been the soloist of Guns’N’Roses. He’s a genius and a very good composer, for example he composed Sweet Child’O mine, and every one who knows this song, knows the solo is awesome !
He’s an exceptional guitarist who left ’Guns ’ because Axl ( the singer) was very rude and egocentric. After he left the band, Slash didn’t do very good song like Sweet Child’O mine or Paradise City, he was a genius with all the team, but alone he’s not as successful as he used to be. And yet, he’s one of the best guitarists of all times !


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